Letting Our Creativity Take Flight


We Will Be on the News!


Watch NBC 5 this afternoon/evening. They will be doing a story on our origami project. They are not sure when it will air 4PM, 5PM, or 6PM.



Students in Big Sandy, TX Find and Return Our Origami Along With Something More…


Students from Harmony Jr. High in Big Sandy, TX, found some of our origami and have created their own in response. Students were excited to have a mysterious package delivered during 7th period. The class opened it together and we found that it was filled with origami boxes!

Box of origami sent to us from Harmony Jr. High

These were made by art students in Big Sandy, TX, and on the inside were two pieces of origami, one made by the students of the other school and the other was our origami returned to us. Each box was addressed to one of our students, the creator of the origami sent out on balloons. There was also a note included.

We Placed the Origami Boxes in Our Display Case


We Did It!


We have now released all of our balloons and art, now it’s up to you to find them and tell us what you think!


Almost Ready!


We are attaching our origami to balloons right now!


QR Codes


We have added our QR codes to our origami and bought our balloons and helium!